Counseling For Individuals, Families, Couples, Children, Adolescents


We will remain open during this difficult time. Our therapists will do their best to accommodate your needs but we are requesting that if you are able to do phone sessions or telehealth that you please utilize that service so that those whom can not can safely come to the office. We appreciate all of your support and appreciate your patience. We will have support staff in the office to help answer your questions.

Creekside Counseling Services

At Creekside, the therapy process starts with our intake process. Our coordinator spends up to an hour with you going over all the paperwork. This process helps them to get you scheduled with a therapist that best fits your needs as well as insurance coverage. We try to help ease the process when trying to choose a therapist that “fits” you. We try to schedule you with one of therapist that fits your needs based on availability, preference for male or female, personality as well as the reason you have come to us. Should you feel that the therapist you are seeing is not the right person for you we would be glad to transfer you to someone else. Our therapists understand that this is about you and what you need to move forward in your life.

Our Team

Dr. Kelly Smith
Ronald Cummings
Tristanne Gallardo-Stewart
Shannon Stewart
Bonnie Simonetta
Jessica Willey
Cory Beard
Samantha Klein
Michelle Meuser
Heather Mauldin