About Us

Serving Shasta County

Creekside Counseling Center was developed in 1998 by Connie Callahan and Keith Manner for the purpose of providing high quality mental health services to the citizens of Shasta County. In 2003 Creekside Counseling Center was developed into a California Non-Profit Corporation to provide mental health services to children, teens, and adults in the Redding area. The staff of Creekside Counseling Center provide group and individual counseling services treating a wide variety of mental health concerns. We conduct critical incident debriefings, psycho education presentations, and crisis interventions.

How We’re Unique

Creekside Counseling Center is unique in that we focus on hiring and developing first rate marriage and family therapists that are well compensated for their expertise and skill. We employ staff with the intention that they will grow within our organization personally and professionally for years to come. We are an organization with a clear vision and passion for people. We aspire to be the best mental health agency we can possibly be. We have an excellent reputation in this vibrant community and we intend to continue building that reputation.