Massage Therapy –  Research suggests that symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression may be positively affected with massage therapy.

We have started to work the National Holistic Institute to provide a place for their students whom are finishing up their externships. Our goal is to have a student available through out the year to provide massage therapy to our clients. While their stay with us is short term, we hope to continue with the endeavor and be able to provide students a place to practice as well as a beneficial service to our agency.

Maternal Support Services – Elisa our Maternal Support Service Coordinator provides support to all our mothers whom are expecting or have children up to the age of 5.

Intake Coordinator – At Creekside, the therapy process starts with our Intake Coordinator Alli. She spends up to an hour with you going over all the paperwork. This process helps provide Alli with the information she needs to get you scheduled with a therapist that best fits your needs. We try to help ease the process when trying to choose a therapist that “fits” you. We try to schedule you with one of therapist that fits your needs based on availability, preference for male or female, personality as well as the reason your have come to us. Should you feel that the therapist you are seeing is not the right person for you we would be glad to transfer you to someone else. Our therapist understand that this is about you and what you need to move forward in your life.

Case Management – Barbara Davis, M.S.W., A.S.W., besides being one of our therapist she is also our case manager. She uses her previous work experiences in the community to help assist and link our clients to services in the area such as establishing medical, dental, psychiatric care and medication management; insurance issues, housing, employment, food, and clothing resources.

Child Care – Child care is available to our clients with 24 hour notice of booking or cancelling this service, unless your child is sick and then we need to know as soon a possible. . Our provider is available to be at either our Industrial St or Pine St location depending on where you are being seen. She also can provide care during the grief group which is at our Industrial St location on Wednesday nights.