Robert Garcia

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You may have held doubts about talk therapy and perhaps are thinking therapy may not work at all for what you are dealing with. Psychotherapy like all science is continually changing. Both new and long held approaches to well-being are vast. I invite you to consider Brainspotting before you rule out therapy entirely. My role as a Brainspotting clinician is to offer you support, as you discover your innate capacity for positive self change. I specialize in trauma focused therapy, specializing in treating anxiety disorders. I focus on various forms of addiction, OCD, behavioral issues, depression, bi-polar and mood disorders.

I am a masters level trained Brainspotting clinician and a U.S. Army veteran. I believe in facilitating change in a supportive environment, following and observing your amazing capacity to heal from trauma in your therapeutic work. I work with veterans, first-responders, and other populations struggling with unresolved trauma and anxiety disorders.

Your unique circumstances are to be understood, honored respected and explored in a judgement free, supportive and caring environment. The issues that you bring into therapy remain entirely up to you. I will listen to your wants and needs; joining you on the journey towards your desired sense of well-being.

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