Dr. Dana Anderson

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Dana Anderson loves working for Creekside because she is passionate about helping individuals get on a track to living their best life! Creekside Counseling is a nonprofit agency that invests in individuals, who may not otherwise be able to afford therapy. Through Creekside, Dr. Anderson is able to provide services through multiple insurance providers, including the Crime Victim Assistance.

Dr. Anderson is actively involved in supporting nonprofits and volunteers for One Safe Place and Pathways to Hope, which both provide co-located services for victims of family violence. She is a guest speaker and lecturer for One Safe Place’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault training class and partners with the One Safe Place Education Department to provide education to the community to better understand how violence manifests in individuals, relationships, and families and how this plays out in our community. Dr. Anderson seeks to keep families and the community safe through effective psychiatric interventions and treatment planning.

In therapy, Dr. Anderson is down-to-earth, relatable, engaging, humorous, and creative while incorporating a strategic approach to achieving specific goal outcomes. All individuals she works with receive a thorough psychological evaluation with testing to identify specific treatment goals with a measurable progressive plan. Her German Shephard dog (Dogtor K9) attends therapy sessions and loves the extra attention and treats she receives.

In addition to her work at Creekside Counseling, Dr. Anderson uses her clinical forensic expertise to provide psychological assessments and reports to psychiatric facilities, the Department of State Hospitals, the county jails, and the Department of Corrections. Dr. Anderson provides psychological reports to the courts by assessing high-risk offenders with severe psychopathology. She recently implemented the first State Hospital Competency Restoration Program at the Shasta County Jail and is currently contracted with the Superior Court of California Criminal Division as a Court-Appointed Forensic Psychologist. She provides criminal, civil, and family law court-ordered psychological evaluations as well as PTSD Evaluations for Veterans. Please email Dr. Anderson directly for psychological assessment referrals and inquiries.

Dana R. Anderson, Psy.D.
CEO California Forensic Psychology, PC
Clinical Forensic Psychologist
CA License PSY33167

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